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Mobility Data Days 2023
7-8-9 November
Budapest – Hungary

The key numbers of the second event of NAPCORE:
– 219 registered delegates
– 27 countries represented
– 4 Strategic Sessions
– 21 technical sessions

Main positive aspects:
the presence of several representatives for every Member State
the attendance of many non NAPCORE members
different possibilities of networking
the professional organization and hospitality
the location with conference rooms and night stay

Session organizers provided the content of this page

1Alternative fuels infrastructure
2MaaS as a use-case for NAPs
3RTTI – Real Time Traffic Information
4NAPs in the European Mobility Data Space
9:30NAP Reference Architecture for harmonization of European NAPs
1. document
2. presentation
9:30Implementations of Multimodal Travel Information Services and reflections on upcoming Multimodal Digital Mobility Services
9:30NAPCORE & Corridor projects
1. X4ITS
2. Meridian
3. Matis
9:30Implementation of the revised Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) Delegated Regulation (DR)
13:30Improving National Access Point interoperability through harmonisation of their Level of Service
1. Improving NAP interoperability through harmonisation of their LoS Cyprus
2. Improving NAP interoperability through harmonisation of their LoS NL
3. Gaps&Actions
13:30mobilityDCAT-AP, a new metadata specification for NAPs and mobility data portals
1. Introduction
2. Conceptual model
3. Hosting solution
4. Metadata specifications
13:30Challenges of rail interoperability within the scope of multimodal booking aspects
13:30Challenges and Opportunities for Cycling Data Standardisation
1. agenda
2. ambassadors
15:30DATEX II / TN-ITS merger
15:30European data availability & NAP added value scenarios
1. European NAP monitoring& tool, added value scenarios
2. How Entur Norway navigated the Open-source journey to add maximum value to NAP
15:30Digitalisation in parking and impact on the Mobility Data Space  and NAPS
1. Introduction
2. Quality framework
3. EPA Study of parking data on the Naps
4. EPA regulated parking data profile
5. Demonstrating interoperability
8:45 Data provision in urban/regional areas: How to support the implementation of the new EU urban mobility framework
1. Agenda
2. Presentation EC
3. Presentation EMTA
4. Presentation POLIS
5. Presentation UITP
8:45Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI)
8:45NAPCORE & C-Roads
1. Introduction
2. C-Roads agreement topics
3. Data quality
4. Delivery of C-ITS Services by DATEX II coded information
5. Standards
10:15Guidance NAPCORE trainings & communication
10:15Compliance Assessment: Simplification through harmonisation for multi-national options
10:15Road operator data for the NAPs
2. Implementation of the Digital Infrastructure Hungary
3. BIM as leverage towards Digital Asset Management today and the Digital Twin of tomorrow
11:30A roadmap for the alignment and harmonisation of NAPCORE-related data exchange standards
TN-ITS General presentation
11:30NAPCORE’s future – here to stay 
11:30Interoperability Demonstrators & European Access Point(s) 
11:30METR – Management of Electronic Traffic Regulations – What is it and what is the European engagement to the concept
UTMS Japan
U.S. Department of Transportation
Norwegian Public Roads Administration

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GO GREEN initiative


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