• The NAPCORE Steering Committee is the ultimate decision-making body of the Consortium. 
  • The NAPCORE Core Alignment Team (CAT) is the supervisory body for the execution of the Project and reports to and is accountable to the Steering Committee. The NAPCORE Core Alignment Team is responsible for the management of the Project in terms of monitoring progress of the work and results in time and quality supporting the General Secretary. All Working Group and Sub-Working Group Leads are part of the NAPCORE Core Alignment Team.
  • The Project Coordinator is the legal entity acting as intermediary between the Parties and the Funding Authority and appoints the General Secretary. 
  • The General Secretary is the  project manager and is appointed by the Project Coordinator. The General Secretary is in charge of the overall project coordination on a day-by-day basis and represents the project towards the stakeholders outside the Consortium. The General Secretary also acts as the quality and risk manager, monitoring the progress in terms of technical, resource and risk contingencies. The General Secretary is managing the project secretariat, as the day-to-day support team for overall coordination, organisational and management duties. 
  • The NAPCORE Advisory Board is an advising body for solicited and unsolicited (non-binding) advice to NAPCORE’s Consortium Bodies and is the main form and institutionalized process for stakeholder involvement of NAPCORE.
  • Furthermore, there are Horizontal Activities, Working Groups and Sub-Working Groups, with their respective Horizontal Activities Leaders, Working Groups Leaders and Sub-Working Group Leaders:
IDActivityRole NameLead
S. 1Project ManagementGeneral SecretaryGermany (BASt)
H. 1SCOM supportDeputy General SecretaryAustria
H. 2Identification of action neededInnovation LeadNetherlands
H. 3Dissemination, outreach activities, trainingCommunication LeadItaly
WG1NAP & NB Platform strategy and governancePlatform LeadGermany (BASt)
WG2Interoperability and level of service of NAPsInteroperability LeadPortugal
WG3NAP content and accessibilityContent LeadGreece
WG4Data Exchange StandardsData Standard LeadFrance
SWG4.3SWG Multimodal DataMultimodal LeadITxPT
SWG4.4SWG MetadataMetadata LeadGermany (BASt)
WG5National Bodies and compliance assessmentNational Body LeadAustria
Project SecretariatRupprecht Consult