TN-ITS is the Transport Network ITS Spatial Data Deployment ERTICO innovation Platform founded on 5 June 2013 at an inaugural General Assembly held in Dublin (Ireland) during the ITS European Congress.

This multi-stakeholder innovation platform creates a data chain mechanism to provide map makers with trusted and updated authoritative spatial road data.

Its goal is to enhance road safety and efficiency by boosting data exchange on static road attributes, such as speed limits. As regulators of these changes, road authorities are the most reliable source to provide map makers and service providers with this information. 

This mechanism ensures that the data is fresh, up-to-date and trusted, coming from the most immediate and reliable source.

TN-ITS contributes to the NAPCORE project through SWG 4.2, sharing its knowledge and expertise in road data sharing. It focuses on the specification and further elaboration of the TN-ITS standard. 

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