The role of NAPCORE Ambassadors

For some topics, NAPCORE has identified dedicated NAPCORE Ambassadors.

The aim of the ambassadors is to:

  • drive and organise work on specific topics within NAPCORE,
  • collect information from all NAPCORE activities that relate to this topic,
  • coordinate NAPCORE internal information exchange on this topic,
  • act as contact point for external stakeholders for questions an matters related to this topic.

You can find the topics with their Ambassadors in the table below:

Parking (data)Peter LubrichGerman Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
Parking (data)Frank
Cycling and cycling infrastructure dataCristina
Cycling and cycling infrastructure dataRonald Jorna (interim)National Road Traffic Data Portal of the
MaaS/distribution/bookingMélisa BlotBelgian Federal Public Service Mobility and
MaaS/distribution/bookingRonald Jorna (interim)National Road Traffic Data Portal of the

Feel free to reach out to our Ambassadors for any topic-specific questions in relation to NAPCORE.