Ambassadors – OLD

The role of NAPCORE Ambassadors

For some topics, NAPCORE has identified dedicated NAPCORE Ambassadors.

The aim of the ambassadors is to:

  • drive and organise work on specific topics within NAPCORE,
  • collect information from all NAPCORE activities that relate to this topic,
  • coordinate NAPCORE internal information exchange on this topic,
  • act as contact point for external stakeholders for questions and matters related to this topic.

You can find the topics with their Ambassadors in the table below:

Parking (data)Frank
Cycling and cycling infrastructure dataCristina
Cycling and cycling infrastructure dataMirelle PetersNational Road Traffic Data Portal of the
MaaS/distribution/bookingMélisa BlotBelgian Federal Public Service Mobility and
MaaS/distribution/bookingDavid SchoenmaekersBelgian Federal Public Service Mobility and
Alternative FuelsRuud van den DriesNational Road Traffic Data Portal of the
Alternative FuelsBenjamin
Alternative FuelsAndrás Mihály SelmeczyHungarian Public

Feel free to reach out to our Ambassadors for any topic-specific questions in relation to NAPCORE.