Metadata are a crucial building block for accessibility and exchange of NAP datasets.

A common metadata approach will ease and harmonise accessibility and exchange mechanisms, thus enhancing the efficiency of individual NAPs.
In the past, some common concepts have been elaborated, namely the “Coordinated Metadata Catalogue”. This concept, however, does so far lack of wide-scale acceptance and interoperability with other data domains.

To proceed with metadata harmonisation, a dedicated Working Group within NAPCORE is taking care of the definition and maintenance of a common metadata catalogue for all NAPs in Europe. To do so, the “Coordinated Metadata Catalogue” is enhanced via building relationships to established, European metadata specifications, namely DCAT-AP.
Moreover, a formal data specification based on DCAT-AP is elaborated, including maintenance and governance structures.

Lastly, this common approach is an input for a conceptualisation for a cross-border metadata registry, resulting in a planned demonstrator.