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M2.1_Typology of NAPs based on the description of levels of service and assessment of associated costs and benefits

M2.2 Overview of gaps and actions needed
This internal report is aimed at achieving several objectives.
Firstly, it identifies and documents gaps as well as necessary actions pertaining to interoperability (including technical, legal, and organizational aspects) and Levels of Service essential for the adoption of NAPs by diverse Member States.
Secondly, the report aims to develop recommendations for a phased approach to assist Member States in navigating towards more sophisticated NAP architectures.
Lastly, it seeks to lay out an initial framework for a potential European NAP or a federation of European NAPs, in close collaboration with T2.4, WG1, and SWG4.4.

M2.4_List of gaps and used standards_final

M2.6 Interoperable NAP demonstrator with real world use of the NAP information
This report presents the idea and reasoning behind the interoperability demonstrator making use of real-time safety related transport information cross border.
It describes why the use of the Improved Interface (II) and Basic Interface (BI) capabilities of the interchange makes it easy for service providers to find and access transport-related data using the NAPs, and afterwards describes the result of the demonstration carried out to “test” the idea with a real service provider.
The report also lists implementation possibilities resulting in NAP improvements and increased level of service.