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NAPCORE Statement Paper on the Revision of the ITS Directive – FINAL (4.1)


NAPCORE Position paper on the revision of the delegated regulation on multimodal travel information services (EU) 20171926 (DR MMTIS)

M1.1-2024 Develop strategic position and a common strategy for EU policies and developments
This report comprises three sections:
(1) An updated overview table of EU policies and strategies, with brief descriptions and relevance statements for NAPCORE, each prioritized based on impact and urgency values.
(2) Action Groups organized for NAPCORE’s planned actions in 2024 concerning the highest-priority policies.
(3) The NAPCORE Statement Paper regarding the revision of the MMTIS Delegated Regulation.

M1.3 Develop strategy and structure for future long-term governance
The aim of this report is to explore options for a sustainable long-term governance structure for NAPCORE activities.
In 2023, initial steps were taken, including identifying activities for a follow-up project, exploring potential governance structures linked to European Institutions, and developing key questions defining the purpose of such a structure.
Recommendations from this effort focus on extending the current project phase for another year and submitting a proposal for a follow-up project (2026-2028).
Discussions with stakeholders are ongoing to determine the purpose and objectives of a long-term governance structure, with plans to finalize an implementation plan in M1.4 (2024).