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FOLLOW UP of the workshop on the implementation of the revised RTTI DR

The VIDEO is available at this link and the PRESENTATION is dowloadable at this link

The workshop organised in close collaboration with several members of the Advisory Board of NAPCORE: TomTom, TISA – Traveller Information Services Association , TM 2.0, POLIS Network and Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR), registered more than 160 attendants, from different organizations throughout Europe


  • to inform on the implications of the revised RTTI for both road authorities as well as private service providers
  • to get insight in possible use cases to work on whilst aligning on the implementation of the revised RTTI

THE WORKSHOP HELPED TO get a good overview of the problems and challenges road authorities see in the current navigation services:

  • Use of roads often not in line with what they were designed and assigned for
  • Navigation services do not take into account societal impact
  • Cut through traffic
  • Need for more accurate data on for instance maximum speed and roadworks


  • Use cases will be ranked by level of needed collaboration between the Public Authorities and Service Providers under the TM 2.0 concept of interactive traffic management during the physical TM2.0 workshop February 22nd in Brussels. If you would like to join, send an email to This will help to come to a roadmap for use cases to align on.
  • Physical meeting took place end of April at TomTom’s office in Berlin.


Dublin InQuirer published an article on the implementation of the revised RTTI DR with the contribution of Annet van Veenendaal as a follow up of the NAPCORE online RTTI workshop.