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MS.1.3 Working Programme 2024

This report is NAPCORE’s work plan for the upcoming year, encompassing all outstanding tasks and milestones to be accomplished. Although modifications to the schedule and activities may become necessary as work advances, this serves as our roadmap for the forthcoming year, guiding us toward the realization of NAPCORE’s objectives as outlined in the Grant Agreement.

M5.6_Strategies and actions to motivate organisations to provide data on the NAP

This report provides a detailed exploration of initial considerations regarding strategies and actions aimed at encouraging (private, international) organizations to contribute data to NAPs. The increasing number of stakeholders, coupled with the expansion of the relevant mobility network, poses a growing challenge in motivating data provision. To tackle this issue, a variety of measures, including organizational, communicational, and strategic initiatives, are essential. The results of WG5’s efforts on this matter emphasize the need for a unified approach in motivating stakeholders to contribute data to NAPs. This approach is crucial not only to maximize synergies but also to minimize the risk of multiple contacts and potential contradictory messages.

M5.4_Quality and evaluation criteria defined

This report’s primary objective is to establish unified quality and evaluation criteria for Compliance Assessment concerning traffic data. One key outcome of WG5’s work on this topic was the differentiation of quality criteria based on data type—dynamic and static—and event type—planned and unplanned events. WG5’s findings underscore the necessity of a collaborative approach to motivate stakeholders to provide data for NAPs, aiming to maximize synergies and minimize the risk of multiple contacts and potential conflicting messages.

M4.4.1 Publication of mobilityDCAT-AP

mobilityDCAT-AP is considered an important technical building block to ensure ITS and NAP data interoperability on the metadata level, in a cross-border, cross-organisational and cross-domain manner. The milestone is represented as a set of technical artifacts, accessible via an online documentation.

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