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Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI)
Collaboration Agreement Signature
– – Press Release – –

Six European and International organisations in the mobility domain team up to further strengthen cooperation on the standardised delivery of safety-related traffic information in Europe

Brussels , 4 April 2024

▪ The new agreement between TISA, DATEX II, CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, Data for Road Safety ecosystem, NAPCORE and C-Roads will lead to improved harmonisation of Message Sets for Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI), addressing the Delegated Regulation 886/2013 and paving the way for increased safety on European roads.

▪ The agreement ensures the continuation of an activity initially launched in 2013 between TISA and DATEX II, which has successfully expanded to include cooperation with NAPCORE, CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, Data for Road Safety ecosystem and C-Roads.

▪ The document provides recommendations on how to properly apply the standards mentioned below for providing data and services on the eight SRTI event categories, as defined by the Delegated Regulation 886/2013, through as many delivery channels as possible.

Press release full text is available here SRTI Collaboration Agreement Signature