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Recap of Webinar “Introduction to mobilityDCAT-AP” on May 8, 2024

Video recording and presentations are available online

The NAPCORE Metadata Group held its first webinar about the new metadata specification for mobility data portals, called mobilityDCAT-AP.

Around 80 participants from different European institutions joined the Webinar to learn about the background, the technical tooling, and implementation examples for mobilityDCAT-AP, as well as about the role of DCAT-AP as the baseline metadata specification.

Download the presentations here:

  1. Welcome, background and goals – Peter Lubrich, BAST (DE)
  2. mobilityDCAT-AP hosting and collaboration – Mario Scrocca, Cefriel (IT)
  3. Implementation of mobilityDCAT-AP at the Danish NAP – Kenneth Sørensen, Vejdirektoratet (DK)
  4. mobilityDCAT-AP governance concept – Ed Ooms, NDW (NL)
  5. The role of DCAT-AP – Bert van Nuffelen, Digitaal Vlaanderen (BL)

Watch the recording here

The main questions raised during the Webinar were about use cases and implementation issues of mobilityDCAT-AP, and its role in the wider ecosystem of NAPs and mobility data portals.

Furthermore, the importance of a common metadata infrastructure in the emerging mobility data ecosystem in Europe was mentioned.

The Working Group thanks the participants for the interest in mobilityDCAT-AP. The questions and comments raised are very important for the Working Group, in order to make this metadata specification acceptable and useful in the domain of National Access Points and other mobility data portals.

The participants are also invited to collaborate in the future progress of mobilityDCAT-AP, e.g., by joining the GitHub repository which has been established for the maintenance of mobilityDCAT-AP.

The Working Group will also inform about further progress and collaboration opportunities via the NAPCORE website.