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NAPCORE use case at the webinar“Exploring project funding opportunities for ITS National Organisation members across Europe”

19 June 2024, 11 – 12 CET


Ragnhild Wahl – Director for Research and Innovation, ITS Norway – ITS project opportunities in the Nordics

Fabio Nussio – Responsible of International Cooperation and Sustainability Unit, Service Mobility Agency for the City of Rome – ITS opportunities in Italy

Damaris Gruber – ITS implementation & harmonization: a use case from the NAPCORE project

More information and free registration are available at this link 

The Network of National ITS Associations (ITS Nationals) is made up of 30 national ITS organisations. Each of their members on a national level are interested in the many opportunities for developing and implementing Intelligent Transport Systems at both European and National level.

This webinar will set out examples of the funding possibilities available and provide learnings from the NAPCORE (National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe) project, launched as coordination mechanism to improve interoperability of the National Access Points as backbone of European mobility data exchange.