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NAPCORE Position paper on the revision of the delegated regulation on multimodal travel information services (EU) 20171926 (DR MMTIS)

27 June 2023

NAPCORE welcomes the revision of the Delegated Regulation MMTIS. The update of the Delegated Regulation means in the first place an extension of the current list of data categories to be made available via the NAP. This should further facilitate service providers developing multimodal information services. NAPCORE welcomes the fact that, as a consequence, the potential interest for NAP users may increase significantly.

Based on the impact of the implementation of the current Delegated Regulation MMTIS, NAPCORE raises some points of attention for its revision:
– Data should be of interest to users, necessary, and of high quality
– Each data category needs a clear definition
– Only impose data standards which meet deployment principles
– An opportunity to foster the shift to a more sustainable mobility NAPCORE is eager to contribute wherever possible since most of these points are closely related to our ongoing coordination work.
For example, NAPCORE aims to provide the public-private table to contribute to increase the provision of data, its interoperability, and to work on quality criteria.

NAPCORE requests the European Commission to take action to support the implementation of the new Regulation. The Commission should take into account the costs and human resources necessary to make the relevant data available with a sufficient level of quality. NAPCORE asks to invest in national deployment and compliance with the revised Delegated Regulation; in data standardization and tooling; as well as in information, education, and training.

The document is available here NAPCORE position paper on the revision of the Delegated Regulation MMTIS