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12th NAPCORE Steering Committee Meeting

Frankfurt – June 11th 2024

12th NAPCORE Steering Committee Meeting took place in Frankfurt/Main Germany on June 11th 2024. The meeting has been productive and inspiring when the 54 participants from 27 countries engaged in discussions on the status, the current activities and the future of NAPCORE, shaping the way on a joint vision and mission for the future of mobility data exchange in Europe via the European National Access Points.

In interactive work were discussed:

  • Tasks, activities, and outcomes of the NAPCORE follow-up project Bard de Vries
  • Roadmap for the NAPCORE follow-up project Timo Hoffmann
  • Stronger inclusion of multimodal topics Melisa Blot
  • NAPs in the Mobility Data Space (relation to EMDS-related projects and initiatives like EDIC, DeployEMDS…) Timo Hoffmann (BASt)
  • ITS Directive Revision new obligations for Member States – NAPCORE’s role Sine Dyreborg (Danish Road Directorate)
  • ITS Directive Working Programme: Safety Related Traffic Information SRTI Delegated Regulation Revision / Safe and Secure Truck Parking SSTP Delegated Regulation Revision – how should NAPCORE position itself Bard de Vries (NDW)
  • Revision of the real-time traffic information RTTI Delegated Regulation Annet van Veenendaal (NDW)

The meeting was also the opportunity for NAPCORE Activity leaders to update on the status and upcoming strategic topics of the NAPCORE Working Groups.